Soho /3 bedroom/West Broadway

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Address:West Broadway
Listing #:1216
Starting Price:$3,740,000.00

Building Features
Apartment Features




Fitness Center

Courtyard Garden

Hardwood Floors

Oversized Windows

Abundant Closets

High Ceilings

High-End Appliances

Designer Finishes

Washer / Dryer


This building occupies the largest open site in the landmark Soho district of downtown New York City.  The building is comprised of two separate residential buildings which are connected by a lyrical, private landscaped courtyard designed by Peter Walker Landscape Architects. With architecture and design by Gwathmey Siegel and Associates Architects.  This building also includes a total of 68 generous lofts, penthouses and street-entrance townhouses, contained within beautifully detailed architecture inspired by the stately geometries and modulated facade fenestration of traditional 19th century Soho cast-iron buildings.