Upper East Side /5 bedroom/East 85th Street

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Address:East 85th Street
Listing #:1703
Starting Price:$10,000,000.00

Building Features
Apartment Features




Fitness Center

Resident's Lounge

Children's Playoor

Outdoor Terrace

Open Layouts

Oversized Windows

High Ceilings

High-End Appliances

Designer Finishes

Hardwood Floors

Generous Closets

Washer / Dryer


This building was designed after one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in London, England and lends it name to a proper new residence combining classic design and English sensibility. This building is a new 22-story luxury condominium located in New York City’s most established residential neighborhood. It blends the best of timeless and contemporary styles and embraces an enduring and valued lifestyle that is stylishly proper.  Currently available are one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom homes.